Much work and effort goes into the planning and running the Waukesha Handgun League.
Here we introduce the Staff who make it all happen:

Terry Haber
Terry, a Certified NRA Pistol Instructor, Class C Olympic Pistol Coach and Hunter Safety Instructor is the brains and patience behind this league. As President of the WHL he is responsible for the whole shooting match. His 20+ years as a competition shooter and love of the sport is what really makes it all happen.

Dick Mathiesen
Dick is the man in control of the accounting and finances for the WHL, and a longtime friend of the league.

Mark Semenske
All those score sheets that we scribble out are the sole responsibility of our scorekeeper to decipher. Mark has been deciphering the score sheets and posting the results for nearly the entire life of the WHL. A tough job that we all take for granted sometimes. Think about Mark the next time you are in a rush to go home and scribble out your score sheets.

Range Officers

Range Officers are shooters who are responsible for the safety of all shooters on the line. The RO's are well versed in firearm safety and the NRA International Conventional Pistol Rules. It is there job to make sure we all have fun and help the shooter when needed.

Glenn Farrell
Glenn has been involved in High Power Rifle and is a classified bulls eye shooter. Glenn checks the targets and the scores sheets for errors and omissions.

Al Jacobus

Bob Myatt
Bob is a certified NRA Pistol and Personal Protection Instructor, he's also a NRA certified Range Safety Officer and a classified Bulls eye shooter. You will find Bob giving the bulls eye shooter classes for Menomonee Falls Rod and Gun Club. Bob also is an active Cowboy shooter and a S.A.S.S. Range Safety Officer.

Bob Llanas
Bob is loved by all, just not in that way.