Q: When do I load my gun?

A: When you receive the command, Magazines are not put into gun unless the command to load is given.

Q: What are the rules that we follow?

 A: We follow the current NRA Pistol Rules

Q: Can I shoot with Both hands?

A: The Waukesha Handgun League is a NRA Sanctioned League and therefore must follow NRA rules. Therefore two handed shooting is not recommended except for special circumstances approved by Terry only. All scores shot with two hands will not count toward NRA Classification and individual trophy awards if two hands are used. This policy is constantly being reviewed and as such may change.

Q: Do the Scores I shoot in the league count towards the NRA Classification?

A: As a Sanctioned League we will send in scores at the end of the league for all who need or want us to. There a $7.00 charge by the NRA for this service.

Q: What are the classification averages?

A: We use the old NRA classification system for individual and team trophies. While the current NRA averages system is used for reporting to the NRA and other matches.

Waukesha Handgun League classification

30 round score

NRA Classification Averages

Master 90.00 and above 270 and above High Master 97.0 and above
Expert 83.3 to 89.9 250.0 to 269.9 Master 95.00 to 96.99
Sharpshooter 73.3 to 83.2 220 to 249.9 Expert 90.00 to 94.99
Marksman below 73.2 Below 219.9 Sharpshooter 85.00 to 89.00
      Marksman Below 85.00

Q: I see matches listed in the NRA Matches, how am I able to shoot any of them?

A: Talk to any of the range officers and they will inform you of when the next match is and what to do. There are a group of Waukesha Handgun League shooters who shoot all matches and we normally have 10 or more spots reserved for us. (we had over 20 shooters in the National Match in Kenosha January 19th).